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2016 Scholarship Recipients Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Team

WHiPA are thrilled to be supporting the Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club squad competing at the Australia Surf Life Saving Championships 2016 next week with a WhiPA Lloyd Morrison Scholarship!

The squad members are:

  • Hayley Cox (19)

  • David Long (16)

  • Luther Maxwell (14)

  • Alaynah Bettany (15)

  • Coach - Walter Maxwell.

Read more about the squad below:

Hayley Cox (19)

Hayley started Surf Life Saving when at 6 years old. From racing as a little grommet on boogie boards and catching waves in ankle depth water, to now winning u19 woman Board Race at NZ Surf Life Saving Nationals she has always seen Board as her strongest discipline.

Hayley says "Surf Life Saving has been a major part of my life, being able to mix with boys and girls from all different age groups and getting the opportunities to travel all around the country to compete in some of the best beaches in New Zealand is why I enjoy this unique sport so much. I have never gone overseas to compete for Surf Life Saving but I am super excited to represent Lyall Bay later this month in the Aussies 2016".

David Long (16)

David was seven years old when he started competing in surf life saving for Lyall Bay and he has loved the sport ever since. David says "My favourite part of surf life saving is that I get to spend my summers travelling New Zealand and competing against the best in the country. My favourite event is the Ironmen and my strongest leg is ski. This will be my second time competing at Aussie Nationals and I'm stoked to be able to race again in Australia for Lyall Bay".

Luther Maxwell (14)

Luther started surf life saving when he was 4, following in the footsteps of his older brother and sister. He says "I've grown up watching my older siblings win titles, to now getting my own set of national medals to hang on my wall. I would say swimming is my strongest leg even though I enjoy doing them all. Surf life saving has given me the best lifetime experience I could have asked for, from traveling the country catching 10 foot waves, and now traveling to another country to show them what I got. I'm stoked that I get this opportunity to represent my club in Australia against the top in the world".

Alaynah Bettany (15)

Alaynah has been a part of surf life saving since the age of 5. Alaynah says "I love the fact that we get to travel up and down NZ during the season and it's a great way of bonding with my team mates and meeting new people throughout the country. My passion for surf has only ever grown stronger with my time at surf and still continues to play a massive part in my life to this very day. My strongest discipline is Swimming and this will be my first time going overseas to compete at Aussies representing Lyall Bay".

Alaynah has also been named in the Surf NZ Junior Black Fins - she will compete with them in the pool and surf at the World Championships in the Netherlands in September.

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