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Congratulations NZ Black Fins! Plus local stars shine at World Rescue 2016

Congratulations to The New Zealand Black Fins named 2016 World Surf Life Saving Champions for the 3rd consecutive time at the world champs in the Netherlands today.

Local aquatic athletes Samantha Lee and Steven Kent (both 2016 WHiPA Lloyd Morrison Scholarship Recipients) were in the winning team, also achieving many personal medals and records. The Junior Black Fins team featuring local talent Lewis Clareburt and Alaynah Bettany (also both 2016 WHiPA Lloyd Morrison Scholarship Recipients) also competed strongly at the event.

Competition Highlights

Samantha Lee

  • GOLD - Women's 100m Rescue Medley

  • GOLD - Women's Tube Rescue: (with team mates Danielle McKenzie, Natalie Peat, and Devon Halligan)

  • SILVER - Women's 200m Obstacles

  • SILVER - Oceanwoman Relay (with team mates Danielle McKenzie, Devon Halligan, and Natalie Peat)

  • BRONZE - Women's 4x50m Obstacles (with team mates Laura Quilter, Natalie Peat and Devon Halligan)

Steven Kent

  • GOLD - Men's Tube Rescue (with team mates Cory Taylor, Andy McMillan and Chris Dawson)

  • SILVER - 100m Manikin Carry (+ NZ Record)

  • BRONZE - Men's 100m Rescue Medley

  • BRONZE - Men's 4x50m Obstacles (with team mates Andy McMillian, Chris Dawson and Max Beattie)

  • 4th - 4x25m Manikin Relay (with team mates Andy McMillan, Max Beattie and Chris Dawson) (+ NZ Record)

Lewis Clareburt

  • GOLD - Tube Rescue (with team mates Daniel Barron, Zac Reid and Seb Johnson)

  • SILVER - Surf Race

  • SILVER - Boys 100m Rescue Medley

  • SILVER - 200m Obstacle Swim

  • SILVER - Men's 200m Super Lifesaver

  • SILVER - Oceanman Relay (with team mates Zac Reid, Seb Johnston and Hamish Miller)

Alaynah Bettany

  • SILVER - Tube Rescue (with team mates Hannah Williams, Libby Breadley and Grace Kaihau)

  • 4th - Women's 4x25m Manikin Carry (with team mates Libby Bradley, Olivia Corrin and Hannah Williams)

  • 4th - Women's 4x50m Obstacle Relay (with team mates Libby Bradley, Olivia Corrin and Hannah Williams)

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