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Wellington High Performance Aquatics (WHiPA) announces 2017 Lloyd Morrison Scholarship opportunities

Wellington High Performance Aquatics (WHiPA) is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for athletes, coaches and officials associated to Aquatic sports in the Wellington region. The scholarships offer a unique opportunity for performance level athletes, coaches and officials to develop their ability through engagement in two exciting programmes that are supported through Sport New Zealand’s national Pathway to Podium and Performance Coach Advance programmes.

The Programmes are managed by Sport Wellington’s Performance Hub which is aimed at developing successful Wellington people by raising their self-awareness of what it takes to be successful.

The Scholarships are for two years and involve an array of interventions focusing on the development of self and assisting the athlete and coach to realise their performance potential. More detailed information of the programmes is included in the application form. (see link below)

2017 Application Process

Applications are now open for the 2017 Lloyd Morrison Scholarships, for a detailed outline of the application process please click on Note applications close on the 14th April.

If you would like to discuss the application process please do contact Mark Watson at or Ph 021 105 3311.

How to apply

Complete the application form and submit with your CV no later than 5pm, Friday 14th April 2017.

Mark Watson

Senior Advisor

Sport Wellington Performance Hub

Ph 021 1053311

Pictured: 2016 Scholarship Recipients

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