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Congratulations to WHiPA Lloyd Morrison scholarship recipient, Swimmer Lewis Clareburt

Wellington High Performance Aquatics are proud to support Wellington swimmer Lewis Clareburt on his journey to the Pan Pacific Championships.

Lewis (pictured with team mate Tommy Wilson) has just completed competing at NZ Opens where he won gold in the 400IM, 200IM, 200 fly and silver in the 400 free. He earned a personal best in two events - the 200IM and the 200 fly.

Currently he is being trained by Doug Frost, Ian Thorpes old coach, for 3 weeks hoping to learn as much as he can from one of the best.

He leaves to represent New Zealand the end of July at Pan Pacs in Japan, where they fly to Kobe for camp and onto Tokyo for competition. This is a step up for Lewis as he will be competing against USA, Japanese, Chinese to name a few, but hugely exciting to go up against the best.

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